Charanga is a national organisation and the leading UK provider of cloud-based music education technology to support music teaching and learning. Charanga brings together high quality music content, forward-looking pedagogy and the latest educational technology to produce award-winning programmes that ensure music teaching and learning is modern, progressive and fun.

Working closely with the Essex, Thurrock and Southend Music Hubs, Charanga regularly develops new digital programmes to support the musical aims and ambitions of children and young people in these areas and the needs of music teachers, schools and Hub partners.

Charanga is delighted to be able to contribute technology know-how and development capability, instructional design expertise and funding to this extremely worthwhile project. In addition, because Charanga is a national organisation operating an extensive network of Music Hub technology partnerships right across the country, we will ensure that what is achieved through this project in Essex, Thurrock and Southend will be widely disseminated, benefiting children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities everywhere.